The Greencoat Boy

2 Greencoat Place, Victoria, London, SW1P 1PJ
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Celebrate at grand Victorian pub in Westminster

Built in 1851, The Greencoat Boy is a historic Victorian pub located on a quiet mews in one of London’s most popular areas. Over the years, our location has been renamed many times as the city has evolved, but our passion for warm hospitality, refreshing cask ales and tremendous pub food has remained the same.

The Greencoat Boy takes its name from the colour of the coat worn by the boys attending a charity school that was located close to where the pub is today. The Green Coat School, originally known as St Margaret’s Hospital, was created in 1624 by the churchwardens of St Margaret’s Parish for the ‘poor fatherless children of St. Margaret’s parish’. It received a charter from Charles I in 1633.

The Parish of St Margaret’s centres around its ancient church built in the latter part of the 11th century by the Benedictine monks who lived at Westminster Abbey. The Green Coat School was one of five of charity schools were established by parishes the area with different ‘colours’: green, grey, black, brown and blue. They were funded by wealthy benefactors and designed to help the children become “loyal citizens, useful workers and solid Christians”. The girls were taught skills such as dressmaking or housekeeping with a view to going into service, and boys given a practical trade or apprenticeship. The alley to the north of the pub led through to the school. Adjacent to the school was the Old Bridewell ‘house of correction’, a workhouse for ‘able-bodied but indolent paupers’ – beggars who could work but chose not to. They are believed to be two of the first institutions created after the Poor Law was passed by Elizabeth I in 1601 to help the country’s underclasses.

From our classic dark green timber exterior to our traditional cosy ambience, The Greencoat Boy is a delightful venue to enjoy the good company of friends and family. We pride ourselves on the service we offer, and have a wonderful menu of traditional pub food and fine wine to choose from.

Spacious function room close to Westminster’s attractions

For functions, gathering and parties we also have a spacious function room available for hire. From birthday celebrations to business meetings, we can provide high quality catering for your event with a delicious menu that can be adapted to suit the needs of your guests. Close to some of London’ best attractions, we are also a popular function room venue for tour groups. Our friendly, experienced team is on hand to ensure every aspects of your function goes smoothly. We look forward to welcoming you and your guests to The Greencoat Boy.

Next door to some of London’s most iconic landmarks

Tucked away from the traffic and tourists around Westminster, The Greencoat Boy is close to some of central London’s loveliest sights. A short walk towards the river Thames is Westminster Abbey, a spectacular monument to over 1000 years of British history, and the Houses of Parliament with Big Ben, the famous bell of the Elizabeth Tower. Alternatively, take a stroll down Artillery Row on to Buckingham Gate, which will deliver you to the gates of the Palace and Green Park beyond. The Greencoat Boy is well served by the city’s transportation links making it an ideal location to host a function, or simply relax and enjoy a traditional British pub atmosphere.

Function Room Information - Under the Greencoat
Capacity 50 Private Bar Yes
Hire Costs Available on Request Area Type private
Facilities Fixed Screen, Private Bar, Wi-Fi,
Suitable Events Christmas & New Year, Funerals, Parties, Private Bars, Tour Groups,

The nearest Tube Station to The Greencoat Boy is Knightsbridge