Packhorse & Talbot

145 Chiswick High Road, Chiswick, London W4 2DT
Call: 020 8994 0360

Historic, Atmospheric Tavern in Chiswick

Ask one of the staff at the Packhorse & Talbot about some of the stories associated with the pub and you’ll be regaled with tales of intrigue, violence and politics. This handsome, gable-roofed building in the centre of Chiswick first welcomed patrons in the middle of the 17th century. Since then, it has been the site of treasonous plotting and infamous criminal schemes, ensuring its place in the history books of London.

In the 21st century, however, the Packhorse & Talbot has an entirely more welcoming atmosphere. Our proximity to the local shops, offices and residential areas in this pleasant London suburb means that the murky shenanigans of the past have been replaced with a relaxing ambience and a lively sports scene. Our six large screens show all the major channels, offering a diverse array of football, rugby, tennis and more. In fact, we are the only pub on the High Road that shows live sport.

The Packhorse & Talbot gets its name from the animals that stopped here on the trade route into London. Merchants would rest their horses at the pub, while the ‘Talbot’ – the name for a dog that guarded the horses – kept watch. The pub’s honest status as a traders’ inn, however, masked some of the shadier things that took place here. One riveting tale involves conspirators hiding in the pub’s cellar before attempting to kill King William III in 1698. In the next century, our most famous patron was the notorious highwayman Jonathan Wild, who committed crimes while posing as a policeman.

Today, Chiswick has left its criminal past far back in the history books, having transformed into a pleasant and lively suburb of London. The pub’s secluded site, between Kew Gardens and Chiswick House, makes it feel a world away from the constantly busy throng of London’s city centre. Workers from several businesses nearby and commuters to the capital choose the Packhorse & Talbot for its prominent location on Chiswick’s colourful High Road.

Party in Private at Our Pub

The Packhorse & Talbot offers the hire of two separate sections of the bar. A large space at the back of the pub, which takes up to 100 people, is an ideal place for a work party, especially given our location near the many businesses that operate in Chiswick. Alternatively, book out our patio area on a sunny day for groups of up to 50 people; this is perfect for private events like birthday celebrations, thanks to the seclusion offered by the beer garden’s high walls. Our tables are available to book for dinners or as a great place to watch big sporting events. Whatever the occasion we look forward to welcoming your function to The Packhorse & Talbot.

Grab a Drink Where the Old and New Meet

Gather up your colleagues or grab some friends after work and head for the Packhorse & Talbot. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of an establishment that combines all the essentials of a modern pub, such as live sport and comfy seating, with the colourful stories of our unique history. Book out a section of the pub for you and your friends or simply spend a summer afternoon in our delightful beer garden. You can’t miss us on Chiswick’s High Road: look for the silhouette of a dog and horse on our sign, only a few minutes’ walk away from Turnham Green tube station.

Function Room Information - Patio area
Capacity 50 Private Bar No
Hire Costs available on request Area Type private
Facilities Beer Garden, TV, Wi-Fi,
Suitable Events Christmas & New Year, Live Sports, Parties,
Function Room Information - Sports Zone
Capacity 100 Private Bar No
Hire Costs available on request Area Type semi-private
Facilities Beer Garden, TV, Wi-Fi,
Suitable Events Christmas & New Year, Live Sports, Parties,

The nearest Tube Station to Packhorse & Talbot is Turnham Green